Creekbend Property Management provides some tips for preventing rental scams because we’ve all heard this or experienced this at one time or another: ideal housing situation falls through when you need to be out of your apartment by the end of the month. You frantically search rental listings for short-term option rather than committing to a year-long lease. The last thing you want to happen is to fall prey to a rental scam because you are desperate.

Preventing Fraud

I live out of the country; I’ll send you the keys after you send me the deposit” (The #1 Rental Scam!!)


A tenant should never pay landlords cash for anything. Especially for security deposit and first month’s rent. Law enforcement can track most kinds of payments, and crooks know this. These criminal will insist on cash, and if you refuse, they will be on the hunt for an easier victim. The deposit and first month’s rent (sometimes last month) is a big investment. Before signing anything or handing over any of your money, do your research! If a rental arrangement feels a bit off, don’t feel embarrassed, address your concerns and go with your gut!

A landlord attempting to be anonymous is a red-flag. A tenant should never wire money that is hard to trace such as Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin or MoneyPak.


Demanding to view a rental helps prevent rental scams by cutting down the risk of getting scammed significantly. There are some instances of scammers having access to the unit, pretending to be the landlord; if you don’t feel comfortable signing a lease or handing over a deposit, do your research by going on line to see who owns the property or ask neighbors in the area.

Not only does insisting on seeing the unit prevent fraud, it also ensures that the tenant is aware of the condition of the unit and the improvements that are needed before signing lease and moving in.


If the rent is too good to be true…chances are it’s because it’s a scam. If you have been searching for a 2 bedroom apartment in a particular neighborhood, you will have an idea what to expect to pay. So if you come across a listing that’ is significantly lower, it’s either a dump or a scam.


Red flags should always go up if a landlord does not require any references. Another way for preventing rental scams is knowing that a legitimate landlord will always require screening you for a background check.

If you are moving to a new state and need to place right away, call a reputable, licensed property management company in that area. A good property manager will tell you what is available in your price range, and if the neighborhood you’re interested in is safe.

Remember to do your research; it’s worth your time and protecting your wallet! Preventing rental fraud is better than struggling to recover from being scammed. More than likely, the crook will get away and you’ll never get back your hard earned money.

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