Creekbend Property Management thinks there is no better time to get ready for summer than spring time! There are a few things property managers and their tenants can address now for a smooth running summer. Get a jump on maintenance issues before the dog days of summer begin, both inside and outside.


Indoor Preventative Maintenance 

Reach out to tenants in email

First things first! Now is a great time to ask tenants for a honey-do-list; leaky faucets, stuck windows, and appliances that are not working optimally.

HVAC and Smoke Detectors

Spring time is an ideal time to make you have extra air filters for HVAC systems and replace batteries in smoke detectors. It will give you the opportunity to inspect the property and inspect the HVAC system’s filters and coils to make sure they are free of dust and debris and vines growing into system. Remind tenants to keep ceiling fans clean by removing dust and dirt build-up.

Kitchen and Bath Faucets

Inspect faucets for leaks, or running toilets. Check to see the condition of grout in bathrooms and for broken and missing tiles.


If there was an especially wet winter, excessive rain and wind, it’s in your best interest to look for any signs of water damage. If there are water spots on the ceilings, it may be due to roof damage or plumbing issue from the floor above.

Stock Up On Frequently Used Supplies

People tend to move most frequently during the spring and early summer, that being said you will find yourself using the same materials and supplies. Start stocking up on A/C filters, light bulbs of various wattages, screws and fasteners, faucet filters, water filters, and shower heads.


Outdoor Maintenance

Visual Inspection

Inspect the grounds, yards, sidewalks, and driveways for any issues; debris removal or fences that need repairing or decks that may need sealant.

Test Outdoor Fixtures

Inspect doorbells, exterior lights, and garage door openers. If tenants have not included these items in their list, it’s always a good idea to double check!

Inspect Condition of Windows, Doors, and Screening

Check to see if any window screening is damaged or torn or need cleaning. Inspect caulk and sealants for cracks or have any damage due to severe or cold weather. If interiors of windows are in need of cleaning gently inform the tenants to address them.

Check Roof

Inspect the roof for any loose, missing or worn shingles. Fixing roof problems early can help prevent water damage inside the home or apartment building.

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