Be a good neighbor by living in harmony with neighbors! It can be easily achieved by following the “golden rule”; by establishing and maintaining a courteous relationship. Whether you are a first time renter or been around the block more than a couple of times, it’s a smart policy to be on good terms with the neighbors.

Good neighbors can help you when you’re in a bind whether it’s  keeping an eye on your place if you’re out of town, or collect mail or hold on to deliveries or to get a cup of sugar for a recipe; or if there is an unfortunate case of an emergency.

Creekbend Property Management offers a few helpful tips on establishing and maintaining courteous relationships with your fellow neighbors:

Be friendly

Make a good first impression by introducing yourself.  A simple hello or greeting goes a long way making it easier to interact in the future.

Ask some basic questions

Friendly chit chat… i.e. “How long have you lived here?” Learn a little about them and share a little about yourself.

Acknowledge neighbors who smile or greet you

You don’t have to be their best friend or a social butterfly, which can come across as being a busybody, or stop and chat, but a smile and a wave doesn’t cost anything.

Be mindful of your neighbor’s privacy

If your neighbor looks like they are in a hurry or told you they are in a rush; end the conversation!

Let your neighbor know you are there should they ever need help

If you have elderly neighbors and you see them struggling with groceries, ask them if they need assistance taking the bags in or hold doors open. Same applies if your neighbor has young children and is trying to juggle baby, groceries, and a three year old.

Repay a neighbor who does you a favor

If you asked a neighbor to collect your mail or water your plants while you’re out of town, remember to pick up a gift or restaurant gift certificate to let them know you appreciate their help.

Don’t annoy the neighbors if you throw a party

Tell your neighbors in advance by writing a polite note informing them you’ll do your best to keep the noise down and provide your phone number if they have any questions; they are more than welcome to come over. If you’re celebrating something like a new job or engagement, tell them why you’re having a party.

Inform your guests where they can park

Make sure your guests do not park in your neighbor’s parking space or park on the sidewalk or on landscaping.

Clean up after your party

Provide several trash receptacles around the yard to encourage guests to dispose cups, bottles, and the like responsibly.

Be a responsible pet owner

Clean up after your pet when going for “walks.” Keep pets on their leashes; avoid allowing pets to run around unattended.

Putting in a little friendly effort and being a good neighbor will have big payoffs down the road. It will be worth having peace of mind knowing your neighbors are looking out for you!

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