Communication is Key For a Successful Tenant Relationship

Landlords and property managers are faced with day to day challenges in the rental world. Creekbend Property Management knows that one of the main issues is communication. The first place to start for good communication is at the move in appointment. Most tenants are signing where instructed in order to get the keys without taking the time to read a legal document. To ensure everyone “is on the same page” Creekbend Property Management will go over each paragraph with the tenant ensuring that they understand what is expected of them before they sign on the dotted line.

  • When rent is due, when the late fee is assessed, and the amount of the late fee. Any delays caused by mailing are not the landlord’s responsibility.
  • Remind tenant of the end date of the lease and the amount of notice required if they don’t want to renew. If the tenant does not want to renew, they are required to send the notice by certified mail.
  • Emphasize that no pets are allowed or no additional pets are allowed to be added without the landlord’s permission, and an additional deposit will be required for the added pet.
  • If the tenant has a pet, renter’s insurance is mandatory.
  • If the lease prohibits smoking inside the premises, make sure the tenant understands they have to smoke outside.
  • Remind the tenant that utilities will be disconnected once they sign the lease. Once the rental application is approved, the tenant can go ahead to order service.
  • The only people allowed to live in premises are listed on the lease.
  • Review who is responsible for the lawn maintenance (if it’s a single family house) and what is expected besides cutting the lawn.
  • How is pest control handled? Again if it’s a single family house, the tenant is usually responsible. Go over what the “pests” are; rodents, ants, roaches, spiders, etc.
  • If your lease provides any additional penalties; landlord filing for or halting an eviction process, unauthorized pets found at the property, etc.
  • Review with the tenant what you expect for them to do in maintaining the property; changing HVAC filters, clear toilet clogs, etc. This is the time to remind the tenant that any damage due to abuse or neglect on their part will be charged back to the tenant.

To reduce the chance of a misunderstanding and fewer problems down the road, Creekbend Property Management recommends covering all of these points in advance during the lease signing. A thorough briefing at the lease signing will mean reduced expenses and problems and a better cash flow for the landlord!

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