Why Landlords Require Tenant Background Checks

Choosing the right tenant is a business decision. Landlords want tenants who will take care of their investment property, pay rent on time, and keep neighbors and community safe from risk of harm.




How landlords choose the right tenant is important and they need to be able to justify their decision for accepting or rejecting any tenant through a background screening process. Creekbend Property Management believes the future is best predicted by observing the past with background screening.

Here are the most important reasons why landlords require background checks:


Keeping Neighbors and Community Safe.

When landlords consider who to rent to, they think of it as who they are allowing in their building and the community. Good landlords make it their responsibility to their community to choose tenants who don’t put anyone at risk of harm. Also, for the sake of the landlords, who are constantly interacting with tenants, sometimes about difficult things that could end up into arguments. Landlords need to be sure that their tenant is responsible and not violent.

Protection From Liability.

If a landlord skips a tenant background check, they may be liable if something goes wrong. If a crime occurs in their building because their tenant lives there, the landlord could be sued for negligence. Landlords are allowed to deny an applicant based on criminal history, but they have to prove that their decision is meant to preserve the safety of the property and the community.

Discourages Tenants Who Have Something to Hide.

Running a background check on perspective tenants sends a message to the applicants. It weeds out the people who want to hide something. Tenants who are trying to hide something are tenants who will likely cause landlords problems down the road. Landlords don’t need to know about speeding tickets, but they are interested in arrests, felonies, and convictions.

Reduces Tenant Turnover

Landlords are conveying to prospective tenants that they have a rigorous tenant screening process. This will attract high quality tenants who are more likely to stay long-term or renew their lease. This saves a careful landlord time and money and saves them from possible legal trouble and headaches.

Creekbend Property Management recommends background checks because it can be the best predictor of troublesome tenant behavior. A solid screening process is a critical part of being a successful landlord to assist in protecting their investment, neighbors, and community.

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