In the aftermath of weather threats such as hurricane, tornado, flood or severe thunderstorm, we just want to get back to our normal lives. Cleaning up is the first step and it can be a big undertaking, and it can also be dangerous. Before you begin the cleaning process, Creekbend Property Management wants you to remember to think about approaching the job with safety in mind and the right tools to help keep you safe.


Wear Proper Safety Clothing-

If you are clearing large amounts of broken, splintered, or sharp objects use work gloves, safety glasses, long sleeve shirts, long pants, and toe covering shoes. Use ear protection and helmet if you will be operating a chain saw.

Keep your feet protected with rubber boots if cleaning up after a flood or heavy rain. The boots will keep your feet dry and protect you from snake bites, leeches, and sickness from contaminants and pathogens from potential ruptured sewer lines.

Keep Away From Power Lines

If you see a downed power line stay away ever if you think there is no electricity. Stay far away from any water that could conduct electricity from the power line, travel through the water and cause electric shock.  Let the professionals repair the power lines before you attempt to clear fallen trees and branches from roads and lawns. If you see a power line sparking or on fire, call the local power company or local fire department.

Be Prepared for Fires

As you are cleaning up after a storm, always have a fire extinguisher close at hand. When storms or flooding has damaged gas and electrical lines, the risk of fires is greatly increase.

Use Flashlights, Not Candles

If you need to check your home for damage use flashlights. Never, ever, use matches, candles, lighters, or kerosene lanterns. Exposing a flame near damaged gas lines can cause an explosion.

Keep Gas Powered Equipment Outside

Gas engines emit carbon monoxide, an odorless, colorless, and poisonous gas you should never breathe. Keep generators, pressure washers, water pumps, and other gas powered engines outside.

Remember, the storm may have passed, and you and your loved ones are safe, but the threat of potential harm has not.

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