Don’t have much space for a tree?  If you live in a small home or in an apartment, don’t let that keep you from getting into the holiday spirit! There are some crafty ways to cheer up your surroundings without compromising on space.

Creekbend Property Management has some holiday decorating ideas for small spaces to get you started!

Make a DIY table top tree.

Hunt for some tree branches outside, then use gardening pebbles or marbles to stand them in a flowerpot. Drape the branches with festive ribbons and hang with ornaments

Hang up a wreath

Wreaths will add a pop of holiday cheer anywhere they’re placed! Whether you make one from pine tree branches, eucalyptus branches, intertwined holly leaves or even a store bought wreath

Place Pomanders Around the Living Room

Make your own traditional sweet-scented holiday ornament! You’ll need some oranges (or Clementine’s)  and whole cloves to push into orange rind.

Hang Garland

String garland across the room from opposite corners to meet in the middle. Or drape by swagging garland across doorways, fireplace mantels, or wrap around stair railings. Decorate with ornaments

Hang up Christmas Cards

If you received a bunch of cards this year, hang them on string and drape the string to create a tree shape on a wall or door.  Top off your “tree” with a star shape to place on the top of your design.

Make a Christmas Tree or Hanukkah Banner

You’ll need a wooden dowel, hot glue gun, twine or yarn, a piece of fabric and some paint. Measure the space that you will be hanging your banner to determine how long the dowel will be and how much fabric you’ll need. Drape fabric around dowel and hot glue to attach. Tie the twine or yarn around ends of dowel to hang the banner to thumbtack or picture frame hanger. Paint your design on fabric or you can cut a tree or menorah design out of felt to hot glue to fabric!

With a little bit of creativity you will get that cozy holiday feel without sacrificing your space! 

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