During this flu season is there such thing as being too clean? How much is enough?  Phones, (which we constantly touch), sponges, toothbrushes, pjs, sheets, pillows and even our mattresses are some of the filthiest everyday items!  According to microbiologists and other scientists, these everyday items are teeming with bacteria and germs. To answer the question of how much is enough to fight the germs and spreading infections, Creekbend Property Management has provided a list of 10 everyday items that we overlook and when to clean them!


  1. Phones

Scientists have found over 7000 types of bacteria on phones samples, it’s no wonder our cell phones top the list for the filthiest everyday item! When your phone heats up, it provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to multiply. Clean with antibacterial wipe everyday to keep the cooties at bay.

  1. Kitchen Sponge

 The very thing you use to wash pots and pans, wiping up counters, chopping boards, etc… is one of the filthiest items in your home!  To kill germs, first rinse off well, put in microwave every day after use, or put in the dishwasher with the next load. Replace the sponge every week to two weeks. 

  1. Bedding Pillows     

 Did you know that up to a third of a pillow’s weight can be made up of bugs, dead skin, mites and their feces?  Washing pillows on the hottest setting every three months should kill most bacteria and tossing pillows in the dryer once a week for twenty minutes to get rid of dust mites. Consider pillow protectors to minimize dust mites in your pillows. 

  1. Pajamas 

Your pj’s should be changed every two nights because we sweat a lot in our sleep and can lead to a yucky amount of bacteria, as well as an accumulation of  loose dead skin cells. 

  1. Bed Sheets 

 Sheets need to be changed every week for the same reason pillows need to be tossed in the dryer every week: dust mites. Dead skin cells that you shed every night can attract dust mites that feed off of the cells and can affect breathing for people with asthma and if you have a scratch or wound while sleeping in dirty sheets, you can definitely get and infection! 

  1. Plastic Water Bottles 

 The amount of bacteria found on the average reused water bottle can be higher than what is in your toilet (gag!) especially around the rim. Toss that plastic bottle after 2 uses or if you want to keep using the same bottle there are special reusable bottles that are dishwasher safe to clean every day.

  1. Work-Out Clothes

Clean gym clothing everyday to two days depending on how sweaty you get. Unwashed work -out clothes could result in rashes, fungal infections, and yeast infections.

  1. Office Mugs

90% of office mugs contain dangerous germs and not washing your mugs regularly can have seriously negative effects on your health. The communal sponges in the employee lounge are not changed often enough and with many people using them, the germs will spread quickly.

Take your mug home as often as you can.

  1. Mattresses 

Manufacturers recommend vacuuming once every six months. It’s worth investing in a machine-washable mattress topper to extend the life of the mattress and minimize the occurrence of dust mites, fungi and mold spores and make life a little easier!

  1. Toothbrushes 

Most people wait until the bristles start to splay before replacing their toothbrush, not realizing the damage a huge build up of bacteria can lead to contamination of the gums and possible infection. Replace your toothbrush every month, and give it a daily clean after brushing, by running under water and some mouthwash. 


Creekbend Property Management believes investing in your health and well being is worth the time it takes to reduce the risk of infections. Making a few minor changes and adjustments will take getting used to, but after a week or two, it will become second nature!

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