Creekbend Property Management Company knows that giving up pets is never an option. Looking for a rental AND finding a pet friendly place isn’t the easiest thing to do. It does take a bit more time, organization, and also limits your options.


For all the animal lovers who are moving with pets or thinking of adding a pet to their family, Creekbend Property Management has provided some helpful tips to finding pet-friendly rentals.


Stick with Pet-Friendly Places. This is by and large the best way to move with pets. Search out pet friendly apartments in your new area. It’s the least stressful and best option when working with like-minded animal lovers.

Contact Humane Societies. Humane societies, vets and animal control are all great references for finding out what places in your area are pet-friendly.

Ask First. If you’re thinking about getting an animal or you have a friend or significant other with a pet who might move in with you in the future, make sure to ask about the pet rules straight away so you know options are available to you in the future.

Be Honest. The landlord will find out if you have a pet, or that you have more pets than what you told them, so just come out with it right away. It’s not fair to your pet or to the landlord. Avoid eviction notices, negative referrals, or any legal issues.

Gather References. Sounds extreme? If you love your pet, it’s worth the work!  Get written references for your pets from previous landlords and neighbors. You should also get a letter from your vet showing that your pet’s shots are up to date. Provide documentation if your dog has completed training classes.

Introduce Your Pet. If you have a great pet that will melt the landlord’s heart, than use it to your advantage.

Show That You Are Responsible. Because pet owners have a harder time finding a place to live, they often make great tenants and stay put longer. Don’t be afraid to discuss that with your potential landlord.

Propose a Trial Period. If the landlord is on the fence about it you might be able to push them over the edge by suggesting a short term trial period where they can observe how the animal is getting along in the space and then you can re-negotiate your contract.

Get Renter’s Insurance. Provide proof of insurance that includes pet liability coverage specifically, which includes damages or injuries caused to someone outside of your immediate family

Get it in Writing. You often will have to pay a bit extra and throw down a pet security deposit when signing your lease. Just make sure all the terms that were discussed and agreed upon concerning your pet have been written up clearly before signing.

With all of this said, Creekbend Property Management is pet friendly. We look out for your best interest and there is nothing that we wouldn’t do to ensure that we have the right tenant for you! We request rental references and even meet with prospective tenant’s pets.


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