Getting Organized: Your New Year’s Resolution!

Like many of us, your new year’s resolution is to be more organized, simplify life, and in turn, improve quality family time or having more time for yourself. Creekbend Property Management believes the first step in helping you achieve your goal is to get rid of what you have and organize what’s left!


To help you successfully keep your New Year’s resolution, Creekbend Property Management provided these helpful tips and steps to avoid getting backed up and get things done without a major life overhaul. Remember to put aside time for yourself, for a happier, saner you!


Let’s start with de-cluttering Christmas Past!  Getting de-cluttered is visually and emotionally satisfying; less distractions and less stress.

Here’s how to get started: Get a large box and begin filling it with items you don’t need, don’t love or feel “meh” about it. Once it’s filled, let it sit for a week so you become fully detached be able to throw away without mercy.

  • For every gift you receive, donate 3 items. While you’re at it, go through drawers and closets to add to your donation box. How many “hanging around” sweats and tees do you really need? Go through bathroom cabinets and throw out items that are empty, or never used (like that weird smelling body lotion).
  • Next, take down the holiday decorations. Tackle the outdoor lights ASAP! Donate whatever decorations you didn’t use, because, chances are you won’t next year. If you have artificial poinsettias, blow dry them clean (preferably outside to minimize dust in the house).Remember to label your decoration’s boxes and store them together while in storage.
  • Store holiday party items. Clean linens and put away till next year. Put up holiday dishware; plates, platters, punch bowls, etc… These items can put in storage or on a top shelf in a cabinet or closet.
  • Clean decorative pillows, throws, etc… Launder them, or send to the cleaners. If you decorate with holiday plush toys, simply throw them in the dryer for 20 minutes before storing.

Less clutter means easier cleaning!  You can easily create a housecleaning schedule that will not overtake your life. Remember to adjust cleaning schedule for deep cleaning.


  • Designate a laundry day or days. Use separate hampers for whites and colors. For dry cleaned items, hang by the front door to grab on the way out. If you have children over the age of 8, they can help by stripping their beds, gathering up towels and putting them in hampers. Show children how to separate clothing and how to operate washer.
  • Clean bathrooms. Spray bathtub area with cleaner, let sit while you scrub sink. After cleaning tub or shower, scrub toilet inside and out. Check to see if exhaust fans need to be dusted. Clean mirrors and polish faucets and handles with glass cleaner last. Sweep floors and mop. Change out bath rugs with clean rugs. Keep bathroom cleaning supplies in separate carrying tote.
  • Bedrooms. Make bed before leaving for the day. Put things back where they belong; hair dryers, brushes, jewelry, etc…Keep food out of your room (yuck). Children can help by putting their things away and laying out clothes for the next day before getting ready for bed.
  • Kitchen. Clean as you go! Wipe up while cooking. Use a splatter screen to minimize greasy messes. Keep fridge tidy by wiping containers before returning to the fridge and check for expired food. While food is cooking, wipe up. Sweep after meals and mop kitchen floors once a week. Have children empty dishwasher or help with taking out trash and recycling. Keep a dry erase board or chalk board near fridge for grocery list, use your phone to take photo of list.
  • Vacuuming and Dusting. High traffic areas may need vacuuming twice a week; living rooms, hallways. Dust off furniture and clean mirrors after vacuuming.

 Creekbend Property Management, a Charleston Rental Property Management company is the answer to all your investment property needs. We are good at what we do. We want you to be successful.

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