Most of us don’t think of the plumbing in our homes until something goes wrong. Much like remembering to replace the windshield wipers on your car; it’s not given ANY thought until it rains!

You, family members, or guests may be using your plumbing system incorrectly and not know it! Creekbend Property Management, a rental property management company in Charleston, SC has experienced any and all plumbing mishaps that for the most part could have been avoided by implementing some simple preventative solutions.



Here are some common sense plumbing tips to share because an ounce of prevention will save you a ton of money, time, and messy problems!

  • In Case of an Emergency -Know where the water shut off valve is located! In the event of a broken pipe, overflowing toilet, it is vital that you and your household know where to locate the water shut off valve.
  • Use Drain Catchers or Screens to Drain Covers in Kitchen and Tubs/Showers-If you don’t have a garbage disposal unit, food should not enter the drain where it can accumulate and clog pipes. Scrap excess food residue into trash can before rinsing in sink ensuring that you are using drain catchers to keep food items from clogging up the pipes. For bathrooms these screens will help to prevent hair, toothpaste caps, or small jewelry items from creating a clogged drain.
  • Garbage Disposal Never- Evers!- Do not put bones, of any kind and size, onion peels, potato peels, coffee grounds, eggshells, glass, rubber or metal. Never use chemical drain cleaners to unclog it.
  • Prevent Clogged Drains with Monthly Baking Soda and White Vinegar Treatments- Every month sprinkle ¼ cup of baking soda into your sink and tub drains, followed with just enough warm water to get the powder well into the drain. Then pour in 1 cup of white vinegar. Let the mixture stand a few hours or overnight to help dissolve scum and bacteria buildup, flush the drains with hot water. It also takes care of funky odors!
  • Avoid the Pouring Grease Down the Drain- Even if you use a garbage disposal, grease damages drains. According to the EPA, 50% of all clogged drains are due to oil, grease and fat build-up in drain pipes. To avoid the problem of grease accumulation, let hot grease cool in a disposable container i.e. coffee can, soup can, and then dispose of it properly.
  • Use Plungers Before Reaching for the “Drano”- The most common solution for slow or stopped up drains is pouring in a bottle of drain cleaner, however it often takes more than a couple of uses to clean out the clog. Repeated use of these caustic chemicals can damage pipes and are harmful to the environment. To avoid dependence on these harsh chemicals, try a plunger or auger to loosen up clog or pull out the debris (use rubber gloves, it can be quite yucky). If you absolutely need to resort to using the drain cleaner make sure you use the correct product.  Drain cleaner for the sink is not the same product to use for a clogged toilet! Read the instructions before using!
  • Talk to Family Members, Especially Children About What is Acceptable to Flush- Not Acceptable: dumping food, cat litter, paper towels or sanitary items down the toilet. Many plumbers will tell you that wipes are not flushable regardless of manufacturer’s claims. Provide an airtight waste can in each bathroom for disposal of items that should not be flushed down the commode.
  • Install Washing Machine Hose Screen– To make washing machines operate better and last longer, install inexpensive hose screens on the hot and cold water hoses to keep sediment from clogging the washing machine’s pumps and valves.
  • Do Not Use Hanging Shower Caddy on the Showerhead- Too many heavy items on a caddy hanging on the showerhead puts stress on the plumbing fixture that is not designed to be weight bearing and will damage the head and may cause cracks in surrounding tiles. As another storage option install a shelving system that uses suction cups to anchor shelving into corner of tub.

Creekbend Property Management knows that utilizing these simple maintenance efforts now can stop little problems from becoming big, expensive repairs. We want your rented home to be cozy and functional. We, as a property management company, also want the investment property to be well taken care of. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our properties and the relationships we have with our property investors and our tenants.

Creekbend Property Management is located in Charleston, SC specializing in rental properties in downtown Charleston, James Island, Isle of Palm, Johns Island, Kiawah, Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, North Charleston, and West Ashley. We are licensed and insured, providing leasing services, management services, maintenance, and most importantly; giving our property investors peace of mind!

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