Every year at the start of Spring we must endure the pollen which blankets our cars, decks, patio, outdoor furniture, and window screens. Pollen makes its way into your home or business via your shoes, clothing, and pets. Not only does pollen leave everything yellow looking but can cause problems and aggravate those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Allergy season can least all year for those sensitive to indoor allergens and can worsen in the spring months.


Creekbend Property Management, a Charleston, SC rental property management company offers advice on how to remove allergens from your home and how to prevent more from getting in!

Thoroughly cleaning your home can help eliminate allergens and keep new ones from entering.

  • Change air filters once a month especially if you have pets, because air filters become clogged with fur and dander.
  • One way to reduce your spring-cleaning workload is to keep on top of things throughout the year.
  • Vacuum regularly to get rid of dust mites.
  • Dust off furniture regularly
  • Toss pillows and stuffed toys in dryer for ten minutes each week to remove dust mites.
  • Change and wash bed linens once a week.
  • Clean pet bedding once a week.
  • Don’t allow pets in your bedroom
  • Clean upholstery
  • Clean your windows and keep them closed.
  • Hose off your car and lawn furniture.

If you are pollen sensitive, try not to go out at midday or in the afternoon, when pollen counts are highest. If you can’t stay inside, take your allergy medication before you go outside and don’t touch your eyes!

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