You’ve been planning a getaway for a better part of the year; dreaming of an exotic locale far from the everyday stress and humdrum life. Before you pack those bags, make sure everything back home will run smoothly with minimal problems! Creekbend Property Management  has provided a to-do list to help you prepare your home and keep you safe.  You don’t want to come home regretting your much needed vacation!


First things first!

  1. If You are Renting- Inform Your Landlord You Are Going Out of Town: This benefits you if there is an emergency i.e., burst pipes. It’s a good idea to provide the landlord with contact information for the person you have checking on the place or house sitting for you. Also, your landlord may want to take advantage of your absence by addressing some construction or improvement they were planning on doing.
  2. Put Your Mail on Hold: You can avoid waiting in line at the post office by logging on to Just a few clicks and you’re all set!
  3. Leave Emergency Contact Info with Neighbor, House-sitter, Etc…, – Make sure to leave landlord’s contact information, veterinarian’s number, and an alternate way to contact you (email address).
  4. Contact Your Bank: Let them know what countries you’re traveling to. You may be able to fill out a travel notification form online.
  5. Contact Your Alarm Company: If they know you’re out of town they will be more likely to send the police out faster.
  6. Send Out Your Itinerary and Instructions for Reaching You: Provide family or friends flight numbers, hotel names and addresses and phone numbers in the event you can’t be reached by cell phone. If it’s a camping trip, schedule check-in call times.
  7. Surge Protection: to make sure nothing gets the better of your electronics, unplug or add a surge protector in case there’s a storm a brewin’ while you’re away!
  8. Time Your Lights: You could just leave on a few lights to make it appear that someone’s home, but the best solution is setting simple timers to multiple lamps throughout the home, and setting them at different times to turn on and off.
  9. Check Running Toilets: Make sure toilets are not running; someone leaving the flushing handle down causing the water to run continuously in the tank.
  10. Turn Down the Heat or AC: You will save money while you’re away, unless there’s a house sitter or pet sitter, or you want to avoid pipes freezing.
  11. PrePay Your Bills: Schedule your payments to go out on time through internet banking. After all, you’re on vacation and don’t want to worry if the power will be on when you return!
  12. Take Care of Potential Smelly Messes: Don’t come home to a stinky home! Make sure the refrigerator is clear of perishables, all trash is taken out, no clothes left in washing machine, or dishes in dish washer. Pour vinegar and baking soda into trash disposal and run hot water to clean out any smelly debris.
  13. Email Yourself Important Information: In case you are a victim of theft while away and if you’re going out of the country, create a file with important phone numbers, account/billing numbers, copies of your passport, social security card and driver’s license.
  14. Hire a Lawn or Snow Removal Service: If you go away for more than a week in the summer, you will come home to a jungle and if it’s winter, a foot of snow on your car! Whichever season you’re away and it looks like nobody’s home, it’s a beacon light signaling your absence to thieves.


The best part of the above recommendations is the peace of mind they’ll give you if you’re away from home and enjoy more of your vacation time!

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