Creekbend Property Management’s top priority is to protect our investor’s rental properties; keeping HVAC systems maintained and running smoothly is one of the services we provide! We also provide our tenants with important HVAC maintenance information to keep systems running smoothly and suggestions to stay cool and save on energy costs in the dog days of Summer!


Here are some simple tips to help our tenants to save energy and keep cool at the same time:

  • Close your blinds during the day while the sun is shining bright. Closing the blinds with help keep the sunlight out and your home shaded and cooler. Use venetian blinds to help reflect the light out or white backed curtains.
  • If you have ceiling fans, use them! Keep stagnant air moving, it feels cooler and increases the level of comfort for occupants. Fans use much less electricity than air conditioning units.
  • Turn off electronics! Computers, TVs, etc… generate quite a bit of heat when sitting idle or even when turned off. Plug electronics in to a surge protector to switch on and off.
  • Avoid using the oven! Try using the microwave or an outside grill. If you need to use the oven, it may be better to do it the early morning or later at night when it’s cooler.
  • Replace all incandescent light bulbs and halogen bulbs because they emit a lot of heat when in use. Replace standard bulbs with high-efficiency, low-heat CFL’s or LED’s, which use a quarter of the energy and last a lot longer!
  • Take short, cool showers, which are refreshing in the hot summer. Run the bathroom exhaust fan when showering or bathing, and keep running 20 minutes afterward, to remove excess heat and humidity.
  • Make sure your air filters are replaced EVERY month. Many furnace manufacturers recommend that you use a low-cost fiberglass filter because high-efficiency filters may actually slow airflow across the heat exchanger, reducing the unit’s efficiency, raising your energy bills, and causing furnace damage due to overheating.

By following these tips provided by Creekbend Property Management you can enjoy the summer season and avoid costly HVAC repairs for you and your landlord. Please remember to keep hydrated!

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