It’s not necessary to turn your home into Fort Knox to reduce security risk. Losses resulting from theft can be prevented if tenants are more diligent in protecting their assets and avoiding costly insurance claims.

Creekbend Property Management has some smart theft prevention tips to help tenants show a potential thief that their home is better protected than the place down the street.




 Here are some theft prevention tips to keep you and your property safe:

  1.  Always keep windows, doors and sliding doors locked.
  2.  Remove spare keys from their usual “hiding place.” Instead, keep spare keys with a trusted neighbor or friend.
  3.  Add reinforcements to windows and doors with a fitted steel or wood rod.
  4.  Remove cash, jewelry and other valuables from the master bedroom – the first place thieves tend to look for valuables.
  5.  Place a home security sign in a window – even if you don’t have a security system.
  6.  Make an inventory list of your belongings, include photos or video. Store the list in a safe place.
  7.  Tell a trusted neighbor when you’re away –they can be on the look-out for suspicious activity. A good neighbor can be one of the best crime prevention tools.
  8.  Stop mail and newspaper deliveries when away for long periods of time.
  9.  Leave a light on – place timers on indoor lamps to light your home at night, set timers to turn on radios and television randomly during the day.
  10.  Don’t post on social media that you’re out of town or away on vacation.
  11.  Keep some shades and blinds up and curtains open.
  12.  Park vehicles in a secure, well-lit area.
  13.  Always lock vehicles and keep windows closed.
  14.  Don’t leave valuables in plain sight. A thief will risk a “smash and grab.”
  15.  Never leave your keys in the car or the vehicle running when you’re not in it.

Creekbend Property Management also recommends investing in renter’s insurance, to help provide a safety net for tenants whether their  homes or vehicles are burglarized or have water damage due to burst pipes or storm damage. Renter’s insurance can help replace stolen items or repair damaged property. An uninsured resident, however, will suffer the consequences of costly repairs and replacing personal possessions.

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