Prepping for Halloween? If so, you’re probably hitting the pumpkin patch, buying candy, and maybe even planning costumes. But don’t forget to spruce up outside if you want trick-or-treaters to stop by on Halloween night and make it safe for the little ones!



Creekbend Property Management, a Charleston, SC rental property management company offers some suggestions you can do to make your home more welcoming and safe for trick-or-treaters:

  • Sweep the walk/stoop/porch. The path front door can become littered with leaves, acorns, and dirt without notice. Inspect the front entryway and give it a quick sweep in advance of the big night!
  • Fine tune the lighting. Replace any bulbs that might be burnt out at the front door, porch, or paths leading to your house. Clean off bugs and cobwebs that always seem to accumulate in outdoor fixtures. Otherwise, your home might look like a real-life haunted house and scare trick-or-treaters away!
  • Decorate. A jack-o-lantern or collection of pumpkins and squash is enough to say that you’ve got spirit. Opt for seasonal instead of “Halloween-y” if you want that decor to last through until after Thanksgiving!
  • Have a presence. Simply giving the impression that the front of your home or apartment is used and enjoyed makes it more welcoming. Have seating out front, maybe a small table decorated for the season. This street presence can be established from indoors, too, with a chair pulled up and a reading lamp turned on inside a front window.
  • Ready the door itself. Is the front door clean? Give it a good scrubbing and wash the glass on the storm door if needed.
  • Leave the lights on. If kids see your lights are off, they will think you’re out of candy or you’re not passing any out. If you want to keep your house dark to make it seem spooky, that’s okay, but make sure to have some form of light, whether it’s a string of pumpkin lights, a porch light, a light on inside the house, or simply a Jack O’ Lantern.
  • Have “good” candy. We all want kids to be healthy, but on Halloween, please refrain from giving out apples or dried fruit. Chocolate, candy, and chips are good options to choose from when buying Halloween candy. Or you can advertise that you are giving out non-food items by displaying a “teal pumpkin” for kids that have allergies.
  • Keep pets secured.  If you have a dog that tends to bolt out the door the moment it’s opened, you run the risk of a small child getting knocked down. Keep Fido in a back room away from all the activity.

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