Creekbend Property Management is a full-service property management company serving Charleston and surrounding communities in Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Counties. We provide our owner clients with a stress-free, hassle-free way to get the most out of their investment property. Our property management services have the following benefits:

1. We get you more rent.
More than 80% of the properties that we took over last year, Creekbend Property Management got over 10% more rent than a landlord.
$1200 annual benefit.

2. We get your property rented faster.
On average, we get a unit rented 21 days faster than an individual landlord by advertising and marketing your property.
$700 annual benefit.

3. Our maintenance costs are lower.
We save an individual landlord 31% on maintenance repairs. We have in-house maintenance and have negotiated lower costs with the trades.
$200 to $700+ annual benefit.

4. We find and retain better tenants.
Marketing, Advertising, background, criminal and eviction checks result in better tenants.
$1000+ benefit.

5. When things do go wrong, we pick up the pieces for a fraction of the cost.
We help mitigate the risk on the back end by having an attorney on retainer. Delinquent rent, new dog, drugs, we’ve been there, done that and can help save you thousands in dealing with difficult situations.

Total Annual Benefits $3100+

Give us a call at 843-557-9840 to find out what we can do to make your life easier and more profitable.