Where Would You Like To Live? A Guide to Leasing a Well Maintained Home

Use These Questions As A Guideline Prior To Renting

1. What approval process will you use to approve my application?
Guidelines will be clearly outlined, or articulated, and easy to understand in the tenant application.

2. Do you own the property?
Only an owner and licensed Property Manager in Charge are allowed to rent out a property.

3. When will I get my security deposit back after I move out?
South Carolina Law states that it must be returned no more than 30 days after move-out.

4. What will you deduct from my security deposit?
Any mandatory deduction must be stated,otherwise, negligence or abuse must be easily conclusive.

5. When can you come into my home?
Proper notice is stated in the lease, in most cases, it is 24 hours.

6. What happens if something breaks or leaks in the property?
Work orders need to be submitted in writing and should be completed within 14 business days or sooner.

7. When do I pay rent and what happens if I can’t?
All rent is due on the 1st of the month with no exceptions and is considered late after the third of the month.

8. What am I committing to when I sign a lease agreement?
A lease is a binding contract and is enforceable under the provision of contract law. All property negotiations and/or changes to the lease agreement should be discussed and signed off on the lease agreement.

9. Do you have any energy efficient or green properties?
Some owners pay an additional expense to ensure their properties are energy efficient and environmentally friendly; these properties save you over the long run, and consistently rent for long term savings.